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Station Backgrounds
Character Creation
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Past Allegiances
Personal Trinkets
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Space Junk
Things Found in a Derelict Space Ship
Things Found on a Forsaken Planet
Trash, Tech, and Trinkets

Welcome to darkest space.

Within these pages, you'll find random tables suitable for tabletop sci-fi roleplaying games.

GLUMDARK SPACE content is system-agnostic and thus works just as well for Death in Space, Mothership, Vast Grimm, Alien, Starfinder, or whatever system you prefer.

Shorter tables are available for free. Becoming a patron on Patreon unlocks full versions of all tables, a mix of d66, d88, and d100 and early access to new content. If you're already a Patron, you can click here to authorize your Patreon account and get full access. We appreciate the support.

And, if you're more in the mood for something with dragons and swords, be sure to check out ORIGINAL GLUMDARK for a heap of fantasy glumness.

-McGlintlock & CTRO, in space and screaming